Welcome to Triatics

We are a DAO
with a focus on Dapps
specializing in
decentralized Finance.

Hello There

This is Triatics

Triatics is a Decentralized Organization built on Ethereum to leverage existing and build new Dapps. We want to usher in a new world of finance - free for everyone in the world to take part in. No walls to climb, no minimum requirements.


The Triatics Token (TRA)

The TRA token will represent a singular vote.


By having TRA represent a vote, individuals are encouraged to vote for the betterment of the DAO. TRA holders will be able to vote and choose dApps they deem worthy of funding, and dictate governance protocols. Everything is done via contracts on Ethereum, so we know it is fully trustless and transparent


Everyone from anywhere in the world can participate in the growth of Triatics. We want to ultimately promote a free financial economy without borders.


It's easy to start participating in the Triatics protocol. Simply install a wallet of your choice on your browser, and connect to our voting platform. Not tech savvy? Don't worry, we'll make it as easy as possible for everyone.


Triatics will support dApps that promote a decentralized and free financial model. Several dApps are currently being planned.

Decentralized Applications

Applications Powered by the Triatics Token (TRA)

Triatics Stake

Staking dApp

The First Dapp Available for Triatics. Stake TRA for up to 15% P/A, with no penalties. Stake here on


Decentralized Swap Exchange

Uniswap fork. TRA token holders will earn 0.3% of each trade as a fee.


Stablecoin network.

Mint tDAI by opening Collaterized Debt Positions (CDPs) using Ether and TRA as collateral.